Slow saturdays – our 5th pre-loved clothing market
Join us for our last pre-loved clothing market of 2019! Say goodbye to fast fashion and find unique items to top up that summer wardrobe consciously. As always slow saturdays is a CASH ONLY event folks so come prepared!

Slow Saturdays
At slow saturdays, we love fashion and believe it doesn’t have to be fast, expensive or wasteful, in fact pre-loved is perfect. If you love pre-loved as much as us, come join us for our second sustainability-minded event in Kingsland! A flea market at its finest – you’ll get to rummage all things fashion, boogie to jazzy tunes and enjoy the good vibes on an easy-going slow Saturday. So grab a pal, tote bag, much-loved keep cup and come browse with us! Remember, slow saturdays is a cash only event folks, so come prepared.

Crafternoon Tea Markets – Mt Albert
High quality, NZ made, beautifully curated Artisan Craft Market. 3 Auckland locations, we bring the best of NZ made to YOUR neighbourhood

Mt Eden Village Craft Market
Our market is a collection of talented NZ artists and crafters who have handmade items, and are offering to showcase their work, and sell items to the general public once a month in the heart of Mt Eden